Internet & Email Services

We also provide an Internet Service, which includes connecting you to a broadband service and providing you with a dial-up. We can do this for a network of computers or on stand-alone machine. Varying options are available, according to your needs including web hosting, registration of domains, creation/configuration of email accounts, web site design/advice and general Internet connectivity support.


For further information, visit our dedicated ISP web site at
[ for webmail]


We are a Nominet tag holder, offering registrations for all .uk domains. In accordance with Nominet's policy, we would like to draw your attention to the terms and conditions of registering a .uk-based domain name. These terms and conditions may be found at the Nominet Web Site


We will respond to all customer questions including complaints within 5 business days. All questions should be emailed to


If you need to report any abuse of the tag or domain names please email


If you have not recieved a reply or are not happy with your reply to a previous question and would like to elevate the problem please email



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